Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization and how to do it?

Lokesh Kaushik, Digial Marketing Professional

10 December 2017
Today people are involved in different businesses, and they are trying hard to take their business one step ahead by exploring worldwide, and the credit goes to the internet. It is easy to reach a lot of people virtually using the internet. So they are investing their money and effort to the people of World Wide Web. SEO is here to help you out. Promotion and decoration of your business can be shown easily through the internet today. With proper internet strategies and SEO webpage, you can make your business sucessful.

What is SEO?


It’s an algorithm which is used by the search engines that filter the user’s query and process it to present best relevant results. This is an internet program that makes the viewer find out anything easily and quickly through a search engine. Search Engines such as Google and Bing keep updating their algorithms to provide the best results and improve its user experience. In this process, it affects the visibility of any web page or website. It means the site which will come earlier and frequently in the search list, will get the maximum number of view because of the visitor’s click. For better ranking and generating more traffic SEO is must.

In order to have good SEO, your website should be optimized.



The SEO optimization includes:


keywords Research:


You must do complete research for the keywords that are profitable for your business and can also research your competitor’s organic keywords that are generating them more traffic. You can use the Free tools such as Keyword Planner, Uber suggest & Market Samurai (my favorite)


Site Layout & Architecture:


Your website Layout & architecture makes a lot impact on your SEO. So, it’s very important to have good site layout. Consider designing a wireframe for your site then implementing it with all the technical features such as internal linking and call to actions to increase the visibility of other pages of your website.


Meta description:


The meta description is an HTML tag which describes your website page’s content and is shown by the search engines in the search results if it contains the phrase searched for.


In simple words, this is where you describe what your page is all about by writing a short description of not more than 160 characters. Your meta description must contain the keywords you want to rank for in search engines. It’s a very important part of On-page SEO.


“Google only loves you when everyone loves you first.” – Wendy Piersall

Website Content:


As you might have heard that the Content is King. It’s very true that the quality & well researched written content generates a lot of traffic and improves the SEO. The Website must have great content which includes the keywords you want to rank for including Title tags, Meta description & Header Tags.

Search Engine Optimization

Header Tags:


By adding keywords in the header tags, we let search engines know that these are the main keywords of our content we are optimizing for and as a result, when the search engines robots crawl of the website they can see the keywords placed in the header tags & as a result start us ranking better in their results for those keywords. Header tags can be H1 to H6.

Always use one H1 tag on each page, I am not saying that you can’t use more than 1 H1 tags on one page but it decreases the effectiveness of that one particular H1 tag used. So, it’s always recommended to use main focus keyword in 1 H1 tag on each page. You can use other semantically related keywords in H2 and H3 tags.


Mobile Friendly Website:


Your website must also be mobile friendly which makes it easy for the users to access it from their mobile devices & must also be secure as today Google warns their users saying not secure while they type URL address in google chrome for browsing.


Image Optimization:


Image optimization plays a very important role in increasing the speed of the website. It helps to increase the speed of the website by decreasing the size of the images without compromising on the image quality. There are various free plugins available for you to use in WordPress but they are limited in features. If you want to optimize all size of images, investing money in premium plugins is worth it. I use short pixel premium plugin for both my business website Excel Marketing & Blog (


Website speed:


The speed of the website also improves the ranking of the website. The other reason is that the users will leave your site it takes a long time to load.  You can check the speed of  your website using the following tools:

GT Metrix


These tools will not only show you your complete website load time but will also tell you what do you need to do in order to increase your site’s speed.


The other important points are:




Quantity of backlinks is an essential thing for the SEO. Linking has is vital to get the higher rankings in the search engine. A site contain more linking gets higher rank in the search engine page results. The link can be acquired from various ideas like article submission, blogs, website directories, Q&A portal, Social bookmark and networking sites.

Quality of website:


Quality plays an important character in the SEO, and it comes with the Page Rank facility. An SEO connect the site with more number of links, and these links consist of Page Rank. The higher the Page Rank get from the search, the better. Another thing is relatedness of the website. The related links and website will get a higher rank than the unrelated webpage that linked to the page.


Keyword Optimization:


A featured keyword links the website correctly by anchoring the text. It will be easier to match with a preferable keyword to search and find the content easily by the customers. It will help to optimize websites by the according to the rules of SEO.


Content and development:


The website must be more informative, and the material should be good quality that can attract the viewer with a positive attitude.

You can’t stay on top search list very long without optimizing the website correctly. SEO is an ongoing process. You should work regularly to optimize your website to beat your competitors which includes constantly updating your website content by writing new blogs to educate your audience.




SEO is an ongoing process. It takes time but it’s worth it & is must for the businesses to do in order to rank in search engines and increase their website traffic. Moreover, the traffic will be of high quality relevant to your business which will generate you more leads. So, make sure you have great site layout and unique content optimized for keywords you want to rank for in search engines. Ensure your website is both mobile friendly and fast. Submit sitemaps to google search console and keep an eye to find and rectify any errors if arise in future.


If you need any help with Digital Marketing, please feel free to contact Excel Marketing and we will make sure to help you in the best way possible.


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