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5 Essential Strategies of an Effective Marketing

Lokesh Kaushik, Marketing Professional

02 Feb 2019

In this infographic, I am sharing the 5 essential strategies of an effective marketing plan which I hope you will find useful.

These are the 5 Essentials of an Effective Marketing Strategy:


1. Market Research.

It should be your first priority. Research your Market and understand your audience, their problems and how can you help overcome them. Then Create a Buyer’s Persona.


2. Competition Analysis.

Do complete competition analysis to find what your competitors are good at & how can you do better than them. In simple words, create your USP (Unique Selling Proposition).


3. Digital Marketing Strategy.

After you are done with your Market Research and have finished analysing your competition, implement a Digital Strategy for your business. It may include Organic & Paid Search, Social media & Content Marketing.


 4. Data Analysis.

Analysing your data is vital for every business. Create an analytics report to see how your visitors are behaving on your website & see whether your paid campaigns are performing as expected.


 5. Revise & Rework.

Once you have finished analysing your report, you will have a better understanding of your website visitors & associated marketing campaigns including Marketing Flaws. Just Revise and Rework in order to improve them and achieve better results next time.




If you apply these 5 effective strategies, you’ll surely get great results.

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